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What are your concerns or questions about Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal | FAQS

What type of hair does it work on?

  • Laser heats the colour in the hair
  • Laser works most efficiently on brown & black hair
  • Coarse hair is easier to treat than fine hair

What type of hair can’t be treated?

  • Blonde, grey, white and some shades of red have too little melanin (colour in the hair) to be treated
  • If you are “salt & pepper” you will end up “all salt”

What if I have blonde hair on my head, but dark brown in other areas?

  • The hairy area is likely comprised of 80% brown hair, but there may be a portion of blonde which is unnoticed until the brown is reduced.  The laser cannot change the colour of your hair, but by removing darker hair, the lighter hair that remain are hardly noticed

I am brown haired now, but was blonde as a baby – does that matter?

  • It just means that you may have less melanin in your body hair than expected and may require more treatments
  • In rare cases, despite the hair appearing very brown or black, there is a chance you might not see hair loss due to low amounts of melanin in the follicle

Can the laser kill all the hair at once?

  • Laser causes hair death by cooking it with the heat generated by the light (photothermolysis)
  • Only hair that is in the Anagen phase (the active growing phase) can be killed

What percentage of my hair will be killed in each treatment?

  • Each person varies in their genetic composition
  • Even different bodily areas on the same person have different percentages of hair in anagen
  • As a generalization, 10-15% of facial hair is in anagen and 15-20% of body hair is in anagen

How many treatments will I need?

  • Average people have 10-15% of their facial hair in anagen at any given time, so this translates into approximately 7-10 treatments
  • Average people have 15-20% of their body hair in anagen at any given time, so this translates into approximately 5-8 treatments

Is the effect permanent?

  • When a laser kills a follicle, it is truly gone
  • Lasers can only kill the hair of today
  • Lasers cannot prevent the formation of new hair
  • We form new hair when there are:
    • Certain medications
    • Specific hormonal issues (estrogen, thyroid)
    • Under normal circumstances, at an average rate of 0.25% per year

What are the potential side effects?

  • Risks with laser are quite low, but in rare instances side effects do occur. Speak with your laser technician.

Is there anyone who can’t be treated?

  • There are a few health conditions that exclude people from treatment. They are as follows:
    • Accutane use within the last 6 months
    • Current pregnancy (breast feeding is ok)
    • Active herpes or infections in the area
    • Strobe sensitive epilepsy if facial treatment
    • Recent or planned sun exposure

How do I prepare for my treatment?

  • Protect the area from the sun for 3 weeks before and after your session
  • Shave the area as needed – but do not wax, pluck, or sugar as this removes the hair from the shaft 
  • Please stop bleaching 1 week before your session

And on the day of treatment?

  • Have a clean shave on the day of your treatment
  • The laser will ‘lock on’ to your stubble and that is sufficient for doing the treatment
  • Any hair that is long might get pressed down against your skin and become overly heated which puts you at risk of a small burn

Shaving? Won’t that worsen my problem?

  • Many people fear that shaving causes an increase in hair growth and coarseness
  • Shaving does not stimulate the hair, it is a surface treatment and does NOT affect the follicle
  • Shaving does cause a cross-cut on the hair instead of a smooth, natural taper which might make the hair feel more coarse

What is the aftercare?

  • Please do not expose the area to sun for 3 weeks pre and post treatment (no sun tanning)
  • Normal soaps, sunless tanners, and make-up can be used
  • Gently exfoliate the area with a wash cloth 2 days after treatment until the stubble falls out

How do I know if my treatment worked for me?

  • After 2-3 weeks, approximately 80% of the hair should have fallen out
  • The area should be approximately 80% hair-free for 2-6 weeks
  • After this hair-free time, the bulk of the hair will start to regrow which means it is time for another treatment 
  • You may start shaving again until your next appointment

What should I do if my hair keeps growing thickly after the 2-3 weeks?

  • If your hair keeps growing, please call right away for a follow up appointment with your technician
  • Your technician will assess the area
  • Supplemental treatment might be required at that time
  • If most of your hair has fallen out other than a few tufts, do not shave off the tufts. Come back in to see your technician, she will circle the tufts, then shave them, and will retreat that region

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I've been seeing Dina for ten years on and off (I moved out of the city for a couple years) for all my waxing, manicures, and pedicures. She provides the best service! She is so meticulous, speedy, and efficient and an overall pleasure to see. I highly recommend giving Che Bella Spa a shot!

Alexa-Reigh T.

I would recommend this spa to anyone, any day! They have such an amazing and friendly staff. All the rooms are beautifully decorated. I have been here for pedicures and manicures and they have always turned out perfect. They definitely know what they are doing. I am now looking into starting laser hair removal treatments because my sister has been doing laser here and the results are amazing.

Bianca A.

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Che Bella Spa for the past several years. Lucy and Dina are always friendly, inviting, and very knowledgable about their products and services. I regularly go for treatments - waxing, laser, and facials - and have never had a bad experience. The facials are so good that I usually fall asleep during the treatment and leave feeling refreshed. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Christy F.

I've been going to Che Bella spa since it opened, and quite frankly, I won't go anywhere else. Lucy and Dina take great pride in providing an excellent customer experience every time I walk in. Now that my teenage daughter's skin is undergoing 'changes,' she insists that ONLY Dina is allowed to work on her.  Like mother, like daughter...

Elissa F.

A hidden treasure in the heart of a bustling neighbourhood. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff, who take the time and trouble to make your visit a pleasurable and relaxed experience. I would definitely recommend a visit to everyone.

Carol S.

I wanted to thank Laira for her patience and making me feel comfortable. I've been waxing for over 20 years and THAT pain is nothing compared to laser. I started with my upper lip, under arm and then decided to also do my legs and bikini.  No regrets. Well, maybe one, I should have done it sooner.  I'm one happy customer.

Ida M.

As an employee at Che Bella Spa, I have been inspired by Lucy Demma in becoming an Expert Skin Care Therapist. At Che Bella there is always an expert on hand, whether it’s having access to the latest in skin care products or medically grade lasers for non-invasive procedures for the face and body. It is such an amazing environment to work in!

Dina Lambropoulos

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