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Everyone has a question or concern about something. Our team of professionals is always happy to help! If you don't see the answer you're looking for here, please feel free to be in touch and we will help you out personally.



Q. What is Callous and how do I get rid of it?
A. It is a build up of dead, dry skin due to friction and localized pressure on parts of the foot. It's the bodys own defense mechanism to protect the injured area. You cannot completely get rid of callous once it has built up, but you can easily maintain it through regular pedicures.


Q. How harmful is a Shellac manicure to my nails?
A. A Shellac manicure is not harmful to the natural nails as long as it is applied and removed properly. Dehydration of the nails can occur if they are not properly maintained. We always provide you with information for proper homecare!

Q. How is CND Vinylux nail polish different from other brands?
A. Vinylux is a gel polish that lasts up to 10 days without chipping. It needs a special top coat that is cured with natural light. This keeps the polish true to their rich and vibrant colours. It easily comes off with regular nail polish remover.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free Laser Hair Removal

Q. How should I prepare the area I'm about to get lasered?
A. Give the area a close shave the morning of your treatment. Do NOT tweeze or wax.

Q. How many treatments do I need?
A. Generally any area on the body will need 5 to 8 treatments, every 8 weeks. Any area on the face is about 7 to 10 treatments, every 4 weeks. Treatments and results will vary depending on the amount of hair each individual has.

Q. Can I shave after a treatment?
A. Yes, you can shave if necessary but your hair will have fallen out by the 10th day after treatment. You will have soft, smooth, hair-free skin until your next session so you can enjoy the results as early as your first treatment! 

IPL Photo-Facials

Q. What is IPL?
A. IPL is an abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light. It is the best non-invasive anti-aging treatment for your skin. It uses a broad spectrum lightsource to target pigment, blood vessels, rosacea, and small pores. It can also tighten fine lines and even out the skin tone.


Q. Will I break out after having a facial?
A. Normally, no. However a breakout may occur if there is underlying congestion to begin with.

Q. Do I need to cleanse if I don't wear makeup?
A. Yes and yes! Cleansing removes oil, environmental dirt, and prepares the skin to better receive the treatment products. 

Q. Do men come in for treatments at your spa?
A. Absolutely! It is just as important for men to take good care of themselves inside and out.


Q: Is threading better than waxing?
A. The myth is that waxing creates wrinkles. With both waxing and threading, you need to pull the skin. It comes down to preference however, one might choose threading if they are sensitive to the wax or have acne. 

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to you.

We pride ourselves in meeting our clients' expectations with top of the line services and medical esthetic machines.  Our fair and afforable price points keep us competative in the market place. This is what sets us apart and has helped us build strong long-term relationships with clients.

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I've been seeing Dina for ten years on and off (I moved out of the city for a couple years) for all my waxing, manicures, and pedicures. She provides the best service! She is so meticulous, speedy, and efficient and an overall pleasure to see. I highly recommend giving Che Bella Spa a shot!

Alexa-Reigh T.

I would recommend this spa to anyone, any day! They have such an amazing and friendly staff. All the rooms are beautifully decorated. I have been here for pedicures and manicures and they have always turned out perfect. They definitely know what they are doing. I am now looking into starting laser hair removal treatments because my sister has been doing laser here and the results are amazing.

Bianca A.

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Che Bella Spa for the past several years. Lucy and Dina are always friendly, inviting, and very knowledgable about their products and services. I regularly go for treatments - waxing, laser, and facials - and have never had a bad experience. The facials are so good that I usually fall asleep during the treatment and leave feeling refreshed. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Christy F.

I've been going to Che Bella spa since it opened, and quite frankly, I won't go anywhere else. Lucy and Dina take great pride in providing an excellent customer experience every time I walk in. Now that my teenage daughter's skin is undergoing 'changes,' she insists that ONLY Dina is allowed to work on her.  Like mother, like daughter...

Elissa F.

A hidden treasure in the heart of a bustling neighbourhood. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff, who take the time and trouble to make your visit a pleasurable and relaxed experience. I would definitely recommend a visit to everyone.

Carol S.

I wanted to thank Laira for her patience and making me feel comfortable. I've been waxing for over 20 years and THAT pain is nothing compared to laser. I started with my upper lip, under arm and then decided to also do my legs and bikini.  No regrets. Well, maybe one, I should have done it sooner.  I'm one happy customer.

Ida M.

As an employee at Che Bella Spa, I have been inspired by Lucy Demma in becoming an Expert Skin Care Therapist. At Che Bella there is always an expert on hand, whether it’s having access to the latest in skin care products or medically grade lasers for non-invasive procedures for the face and body. It is such an amazing environment to work in!

Dina Lambropoulos

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